Hayden †

Talisman Kick Your Heels, TST


German VDH & Club CH.Talisman A' Dolce&Gabbana X Legacy's Don't Forget Me

Hayden was a jolly, fun loving and a temperamentful Aussie. She was enthusiastic to all people, familiar or unfamiliar, everyone's fun! Submissive to strange dogs, but ones she has got to know them, they were all friends!


''She fought so hard, she fought so strong, but fighting against something you can never beat is an unfair battle.

We had to make the hard choice of letting Hayden go after her brave fight against Lymfoma.''

Always <3

02.12.2010 - 12.09.2016 †

Eyes: Free    I    HSF4: Clear (by parentage)    I    CEA: Clear (By parentage)    I    PRA: Clear (By parentage)    I    MDR1: +/+ (By parentage)

HD: B1    I    ED: Free   I    Tail: Long    I    Teeth: Scissors bite, Full dentition