(show)results Hopkins

(show)results Hopkins

We're very proud of the results our girls get when competing, so we want to thank all honourable judges, instructors and everyone involved.

13.04.2019 BASC show Eksel (BE)

Judge: Lynn Cobb

BBX: 1st in Bred by Exhibitor!!!

17.03.2018 Int. Dogshow Leiden (NL)

Judge: Timmermans

Open Class: Excellent 1st



09.02.2017 Maintrailing Dogsigns.

18-12-2016 Int. Dogshow Gorinchem (NL)

Judge: Mrs. Bakker- van de Woestijne

Open Class: Excellent,1st out of 6


13.11.2016 BASC show lommel (BE)

Judge: Glenda Stephenson

Open Black: 2nd

12.11.2016 BASC show lommel (BE)

Judge: Lynn Cobb-Conn

Open Black: 1st and selected for WINNERS BITCH

11.11.2016 BASC show lommel (BE)

Judge: Amy Burnette

Open Black: 3rd

25.09.2016 BENELUX WINNER Maastricht (NL)

Judge: mw. E. Armida

Intermediate class: 3rd, Excellent

24.09.2016 INT. Dogshow Maastricht (NL)

Judge: . N.G Timmermans-Kadenko

Intermediate class: 3rd, Excellent

04.06.2016 INT. Dogshow Baronie (NL)

Judge: R.Dijkhorst

Open Class: 1st, Excellent

17-04-2013 Specialityshow ASCN

Judge: Mr. S. Gladstone

Open Class: Excellent, 2nd out of 13!

19-03-2016 Int. Dogshow k.v. Rijnland

Judge: Mrs. Bakker- van de Woestijne

Open Class: Excellent,1st


12-03-2016 Int. Dogshow Genk

Judge: R. O' Bryan

Open Class: 3th, Excellent out of 5

08-11-2015 Int Dogshow Bleiswijk

Judge: J. Wauben

Open Class: 1st, Excellent

Best Female with CAC and CACIB and then BEST OPPOSITE SEX

10-10-2015 ASCB clubmatch

Judge: Joni Johnson

Bred by class: 2nd, Excellent

Reserve Best Female, R-CAC!

03-10-2015 KMSH: Belgium kennel club

Social behaviour test: Passed!

27-09-2015 Int. Dogshow Maastricht

Judge: D. Graffmann

Open Class: 1st, Excellent

Best female, BEST OPPOSITE SEX with full CAC and CACIB

Halfway through her INT. championship tittle

26-09-2015 Int. Dogshow Maastricht

Judge: De Wit-Bazelmans

Open Class: 1, Excellent

Reserve Best female RCAC en full CACIB

23-08-2015 Int. Dogshow Mechelen

Judge: K. Jasica

Intermediate Class: Excellent, 2nd

18-07-2015 Int. Dogshow Liège

Judge: A. Castells Lladosa

Intermediate Class: Excellent, 2nd

20-06-2015 Hondencentrum 'Happy Tails'

Instructeur: Lily Knippenberg

Passed nex level Obedience

21-02-2-2015 Int. Doghow Hoogstraten

Judge: J. Luscott

Intermediate Class, Excellent, 3th + LOSH Breed Certificate

19-12-2014 Int. Dogshow Katwijk

Judge: H. van den Berg

Youth Class, Very Good, 2nd

01-02-2014 Int. Dogshow Bleiswijk

Judge: Mrs.M. Ten Cate

Youth Class: Very Good, 1st

18-10-2014 Nat. ASCB specialty show

Judge: Mrs. Sheila Polk

Youth Class: Excellent, 1st

Best Youth Dog, BOB and BEST IN SHOW!!! Now also Belgium Youth Champion

11-10-2014 Int. Dogshow Charleroi

Jugde: Mr. P. Grappin

Youth Class: Excellent 1st

CACJ, second point towards Belgium Youth Champion

28-09-2014 Int. Dogshow Maastricht

Judge: Mrs. Bakker- van de Woestijne

Youth Class: Excellent,1st (out f 6)

CACJ, first point towards Dutch Youth Champion

23-08-2014 Int. Dogshow Mechelen                                                                                     

Judge: Mrs. G. Wagner                                                                                 

Youth Class: Excellent, 1st

CACJ, first point towards Belgium Youth Champion

13-07-2014 Int. Dogshow Lokeren

Judge: Mrs.C. Mulcahy

Puppy Class: very promising, 1st

And BOBpuppy and Lokerse Puppy Winner

28-06-2014 Int. Dogshow Genk

Judge: Mrs. S. Britt

Puppy Class: Very promising, 1st

and BOBPuppy

21-06-2014 Hondencentrum 'Happy Tails'

Instructeur: Jeanneke Datema-Vanfloorop

Puppy-exam, Obedience

17-05-2014 Pure Paws course

Teacher: Arlene Muzquiz

Showgrooming and handling

04-05-2014 ASCB Youth and Veteranday

Judge: M. van Vliet

Baby Class: Very promising, 2nd

and 1st in puppy games

12-04-2014 Int. Dogshow Antwerpen

Judge: Mevr. A.M. Beenen-Sluyters

Baby Class: Very promising, 1st

Best Of Breed baby!!

09-02-2014 16th Ambiorixtrofee (Genk)

Judge: Mr. P.Krol

Baby Class: Very Promising, 1st

BOB Baby and Ambiorix Baby Winner

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