(show)results Seeley

(show)results Seeley

We're very proud of the results our girls get when competing, so we want to thank all honourable judges, instructors and everyone involved.

04-10-2014 KMSH: Belgium kennel club

Social behaviour test: Passed!

13-06-2014 Int. Dogshow Lokeren

Judge: Mrs. C. Mulchahy

Open Class: 1ste excellent

and reserve winner bitch with reserve CAC

28-06-2014 Int. Dogshow Genk

Judge: Mrs. S. Britt

Open Class: 4th, excellent +  LOSH Breed Certificate

17-05-2014 Pure Paws course

Teacher: Arlene Muzquiz

Showgrooming and handling

22-12-2013 Int. Dogshow Wijchen:

Judge: M. van Vliet

Intermediate Class: 2nd excellent

28-09-2013 Int. Dogshow Maastricht, Mecc

Judge: Mr. D.J. Baars

Youth Class: 3th, excellent

07-07-2013 Dogshow Limburgia' (Echt)

Judge: Dhr. C. Stagberg

Youth Class: Very Good

29-06-2013 Int. Dogshow Genk

Judge: Mrs. J. Paulk

Youth Class: Excellent

Selected with the last 5 out of 11

22-06-2013 Specialityshow ASCN

Judge: Mrs. J. Kronstam

Youth Class: Excellent, 1st out of 17!


09-06-2013 36ste Int. Dogshow Der Zuidkempen

Judge: Mr. D. Carsten

Youth Class: Excellent, 3th

09-05 t/m 06-06-2013 Kiki's Showhandling School

Teacher: Kristina Pilatus Lenaerts

Beginners showhandling course

05-05-2013 ASCB Youth and Veteran day

Judge: Mrs. K. Jasica

Youth Class: Excellent, 2nd out of 8

22-04-2013 Syntra Limburg, Campus Hasselt

Teacher: Greet Roeben

Cursus Ttouch Dogs

10-04-2013 Hondencentrum 'Happy Tails'

Instructeur: Lily Knippenberg and Nadine Beuten

2nd level Obedience

12-01-2013 15th Ambriorixtrofee (Genk)

Judge: Mr. P. Harsanyi

Puppy Class: Very Promising, 2nd

27-10-2012 int. Dogshow lovanium (Leuven)

Judge: Mrs. M.J. Mechior

Baby Class: Very Promising, 3th

29-09-2012 Int. Dogshow Mecc, Maastricht

Judge: Mr. J.R. Walsh Junior

Baby Class: Very Promising, 4th

12-08-2012 MHSV. Clubmatch 2012

Judge: Mrs. W. Marijnissen Boonen

Baby Class: 3th, very good reviews

31-11-2012 Hondencentrum 'Happy Tails'

Instructeur: Gunther Dreesen

Puppy-exam, Obedience 

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