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We're very proud of the results our boys get when competing, so we want to thank all honourable judges, instructors and everyone involved.



14.04.2018 Int. Dogshow Utrecht (NL)

Judge: J. Wulteputte

Youth Class: 1st with his 2nd JCAC


01.04.2018 Int. Dogshow Goes (NL)

Judge: H. Tast

Youth class: 2nd, very good


31.03.2018 Int. Dogshow Goes (NL)

Judge: M. Pylvänäinen-Suorsa

Youth class: 1st, Excellent out of 4 with JCAC



17.12.2017 Int. Dogshow Brussel (BE)

Judge:Willi Güllix

Baby class: 1ste, very promising



02.11.2017 Maintrailing Dogsigns


30.10.2017 Int. Dogshow Leuven (BE)

Judge: M.Wibier

Bay class: 1st, very promising out of 3



30.09.2017 Lowlands Australian Shepherd Club

Judge: Andrea Blizard

2-4 months: 1st


































































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